Why Mom

ALL day yesterday I had to listen to “Why, Mom?!?” and “But Mom….” I’m ready to harm the little hostages.

But I have to admit that I fully cracked up and made no effort to contain it when my three daughters were in the kitchen and it went something like this:

Kate: Take this bag downstairs for Mom.

Gwyn (7): No. You do it.

Kate: I’m busy; you’re going. You do it.

Gwyn: No. You’re lazy.

Kate: I am up here doing all the dishes and I’m lazy?!? You think you don’t have to do a blessed thing you little princess, now take this down to MOM. Moooooommmm!!!

Mom: Gwyn get that freakin’ bag and take it down the stairs. You’ve got nothing else to do.

Gwyn: You told her to; I don’t want to. She’s always bossin’ me.

Cori meanwhile gets the bag and takes it downstairs unbeknownst to me. Lovely middle daughter, she.

Mom: Get. The. Bag. Gwyn.

Gwyn: But Moooommmm, I refuse tooooo…..

I can’t even type it without laughing. I know, you guys can’t imagine the scene. It just sounds patently offensive. But it was so whiny and pitiful and crazy funny.

Be glad the hostages are mine.

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