The house isn’t quite empty, but it is boxed up. We have furniture and boxes. And pillows. Must mention the pillows.

I have been leisurely this morning since most of what I can do is done, at least until the house is completely empty. The kids have not been leisurely. They’ve been bored — so they amuse themselves with a game of hide-and-seek with one smallish twist.

I round the corner into my bedroom and scream for all I’m worth. My 5’11” son attacked me and pounded a pillow upon my head, upon which my sunglasses were perched — for all he was worth.

So that explains the kids’ screams this morning.

What explains the screams yesterday was the Internet. Or rather, the lack thereof.

I’m sitting at my dining room table, surrounded by junk that is so precious the movers can’t pack it, (like dry cereal, bills, and Easter candy) and ordering up new phone service, electricity, water, for the new house. Then, just then, the ‘net fades to black. This is not good. Pandemonium ensues. Can you imagine us here for the next few days without Internet? Frankly, neither could I.

This situation necessitated the opening of boxes because those movers are fast. In no time we have found the router, splitter, and lastly, the modem. And we’re back. Some days I sit amazed at the myriad bullets I manage to dodge.

I now realize how truly, utterly useless my paralyzing worry was the past 90 days. Because it accomplished little-to-nothing. I should have had the modem marked. I should have realized I might want to save out more kitchen items than paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups. But that’s all I saved out. Which, under normal circumstances would have been fine. I like to eat out.

But I have a neurosis. I only like to eat out when there’s a choice. If I have no choice and should eat out, I get frantic with the thought of not finishing the mayo, strawberry jam, bread, crackers, stuffed olives and raw eggs in the fridge. I decide to cook. I try to make pancakes — without a bowl or spatula. We buy both. The plastic fork stands in as whisk. Yes, I could have saved all of these items out, had I been thinking, but I haven’t been thinking for months on end.

Perfect time to start cooking.

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