What Stress?

I was doing a bit of research on the stress of moving house, thinking “It’s not really so bad.” But this is what I didn’t need:

Doctors have researched and found there is a breast cancer personality?!?

Actually, how they put it is: “…well-documented and widely accepted fact that personality, stress, and a variety of external factors can predispose to … cancer.” Huh.

Nice. I’ve only not been worried about this since my mother died of breast cancer at the age of 35 and I’m 35 for lessee… 8 more days.

“Our own research, which has concentrated primarily on women with breast cancer, tends to confirm the existence of a cancer-prone personality.”

1. Time Consciousness: “Hard driving” “Less casual about appointments.” “Type A.”

These are BAD things? I mean, who wants to be “casual about appointments?” I time everything. Standing in line at the post office? Yep. How long do the kids take to get into the car after I yell “Let’s GO.” I am obviously riddled with tumors.

2. Personal Drive: “Less ambitious” and “Less competitive.”

Hm. Is wanting to be in the Senate since age 17 really ambitious or merely delusional? Less competitive? Definitely. I forfeit anything I know I can’t win.

3. Satisfaction/Contentedness: They do one thing at a time and they do it slower.

I’m not sure I want to do any introspection on this. I mean, seriously, I’ve got movers here and can’t give it the time it deserves.

4. Interpersonal Relationships: Less interests outside their home and work environments.

I have all kinds of interests outside my home. I meet ALL my online friends outside my home. At least once, maybe twice a year, we get together.

“Furthermore, the women with breast cancer reported significantly more adverse life-events in the two years preceding their diagnosis.”

Well there you go. In the last two years I have had no adverse life-events. No one died. We just made the transition from six years in the Air Force to civilian, moved from Japan to America and then from Northwest to the Midwest. ‘S’all good.

The other risk factors were poor coping skills with life events. I do not have poor coping skills.

“…bottle up emotions, turn inward, and not seek help or outlet for their feelings…”

Come. On. What is internet chat for if not to seek help and vent your feelings? Why does anyone have cancer anymore?

I think I’m in the clear, however it is entirely possible that I’ll be dead within the year.

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