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Harper's Ferry WVA

2002: Kevin is off doing pre-war stuff in the U.A.E. and I’m alone. With the hostages. So we take off from Oklahoma City and head up to see family in Missouri. Then Chicago just for the fun of it. Stop off in Michigan to see friends (we lived there in residency) and then down to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

We were going to Washington, D.C., but the sniper hit right at that time and it just didn’t seem as prudent as it did back in OKC.

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. They were celebrating something about the election of 1860 or the Lincoln/Douglas debates. I forget now.

At the gate, the lady asked, “You do know there’s a sniper loose, right?”

I said, “Here? Now?”

“Oh no, not here, now. There. In D.C.”

“Oh. In that case we’ll just walk real fast. We drove a long way not to stop in. Thanks for the warning.”

I know you can’t tell it, but it’s sort of raining in these photos. And while I am just about all girl, I do not melt in the rain. I rarely carry an umbrella. It’s important for me to point these things out because I have friends and not a few family members who think just because I don’t camp, I must have no redeeming value whatsoever. Well, see? I play in the rain. (I do, however, pop a trash bag over the little one there. Who needs rain coats when you have Hefty?)


  • Shellie

    Awesome site, Melanie! I mean, your blog looks just awesome.

    Yep, we moved. We can’t stay stationary to save our lives. 😉

    My blog helped keep me sane.

  • Melanie West

    You’ve moved too?!!! We move and things were crazy for a while but we’re settling down and getting into the swing of things. Aren’t you glad we don’t have to pack our blog? Welcome to the world of WordPress!