simpsonize_canvas.jpgToday I am thinking that reputation I have of [sheer irony]”most sophisticated woman you’ll ever meet”[/] is most deserved.

I’m walking in the mall with my three daughters: 16 (also in heels), 12 (sporty tennis shoes) and 8 (sandals).

All of the sudden The Blonde One, 8, kind of trips forward because she’s scuffed the bottom of her rubber soled sandals on the tile. I laugh because I DO THE SAME EXACT THING and I’m 36. You just can’t look classy in heels when you’re tripping forward. I laugh “It’s genetic! I do that too, Gwyn.”

Then I say, “I also kick the inside of my ankles when I walk. I’ve got bruises.”

The sixteen year old looks at me incredulously. “I have SCARS.”

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