Law School

Seriously Neurotic

I wear the same shirt to bed before every exam. Last semester I wore this shirt (Nautica mens’ nightshirt) to my last final, Contracts. I needed a new lucky charm.

I wear the same Gap boyfriend jeans and Loft navy hoodie sweater to every final this semester.

I sit in the same blessed seat for every final in the auditorium – this semester and last.

Uh, Ryan? No. That’s, like, my seat. Can you move? Do you mind moving? Are you sure? Cool. ’cause I need you to move. Perfect. See? That‘s where you were last semester for Torts final. This works. Thanks. This is drama. Not a meltdown.

Tomorrow 8:30a is Property final. I don’t know future interests to save my life and they, follow me closely here, won’t. The freaking Rule Against Perpetuities? Hazing. 1L hazing.