Picture of Productivity

awayThe Picture of Productivity:

Drive with windows down listening to 20 minutes of Evidence and forty minutes of playlist;
work on the Citation Exercise;
pay bills;
put on pajamas;

read two pages of the approximately bazillion required;
unsuccessfully attempt to watch a DVD – twice;
re-dress and blowout hair;
eat cajun fettucini and some chocolate cake at Za’s;

research why Mac’s optical drive is failing now and during the previous five months;
research why Firefox loads slowly;
disable all add-ons and fix that annoyance;
read RSS’s and change default search engine to Yahoo!;

decide would be a good back-up to eighteen other email addresses;
drive with windows down, listening to forty minutes of Maroon 5;
drive to Sonic for a vanilla Dr. Pepper;
decide you’re the only person who would find “Sonic Boy? He’s trying … to … kill me” amusing unless  3d party had recently watched The Fugitive and/or committed Sela Ward’s lines to memory and knew how much vanilla the boy added;

thumb poetry from books into phone at B&N;
return black wedges because they hurt the feet, not boding well for an identical white pair;
buy one black sheath dress for work and one black sundress for play;
try on five new lip glosses;

unsuccessfully attempt to convince self the lips sheer and glossified will do;
try on three navel-length necklaces for the black sheath dress – discard all;
purchase two bottles of wine, hummus and pita chips, and a creme-filled doughnut; settle into bed. That was tough.