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Trial Team Practices

What we have here is the gold standard in stressed-out procrastination. I won’t fit in a skirt tomorrow after this – I’m moving on to tortilla chips with lime. I wonder if we have beer…

So Magnolia has me thinking I want to intimidate people. If at all possible.

Ha ha*. I kid. Mostly. There are a couple of other Southerns in my sphere right now and it appears that one advantage of the southern charm is that the other side just likes us and begins to spill in deposition, expert interviews, etc., and then we can go for the jugular in the nicest possible way in the courtroom. The two times I’ve needed this advantage thus far this semester, I’ve had it.

At any rate, I was able to edit my trial team videos. (It only required $29.99. Not that I assume anyone other than fam wants to watch videos of me or Trial Team practice, but I’m a gawker by nature, so maybe you are too – my aunts definitely are), and I think two things:

(1) I am more commanding without the voice. And when not pumping up the hair.

(2) I am more commanding when I know the case. In theory. One takes Trial Team more seriously. Apparently not seriously enough to record /sound/, the whole point of the exercise, but whatevs. Watching action and movement in the well of the courtrooom is good too.

What I love about this video is Conor just about to object and then not, me grabbing things from and off of opposing counsel/’s desk (because that is so real), and Eric and Conor’s “Is she still going” poker faces. This was a thirty minute vid.


The next video is Eric cross-examining a witness. We cross up close and personal to both witness and jury. We direct from behind the jury. This video is short and just shows standard practice, really.


This one is really just for us and is therefore not cut down to a reasonable length. Cross-exam / objection mannerisms / laughter. 2:02-3:45 Extended objection by Conor.


You know, I think the whole Nancy Grace thing is coming. Watch for it.

*If, in reading this, you are uncertain as to whether a specific statement is meant seriously or not, simply apply this rule of thumb: If the statement makes you consider filing a lawsuit, I was kidding. Ha ha! – Dave Barry


  • Shellie

    Thanks for the recs. I assure you, if I ever want to increase my chest by one whole cup size, I’m looking into Strap Perfect. (Who am I kidding, I’m googling right now… Whoa. I put one of those on my friend, yes really, a friend, a coupla months ago for a toga party! She was not trying to increase /anything/ though… Just hide the straps. Cool.)

    I do keep late hours usually. I really need to stop sleeping now. I have written seven sentences on my rough draft (15 pages, 15 pages of endnotes) which is due the same day we leave for Trial Team competition – approximately 12 days. Seven sentences. And I’m off to Trial Team practice in a few. Life bites.

  • Magnolia

    You keep late hours too. My perimenopause keeps me awake at night. I spend my evenings surfing the web and watching commericals on “strap perfect”.

    Did you know you can increase your chest by 1 whole cup size with strap perfect? Yep. See what kinds of things you can learn at 1:00 in the morning?

    I’ll keep an eye out for the videos with sound.

    P.S. If you’re looking for a good movie to watch: “The Burning Plain” with Kim Basinger & Charlize Theron. That is, if you like dramas.

  • Shellie

    Beware – there are some images one can never scrub from one’s mind.

    The sound issue is with /how/ I recorded the first set of videos – using Photo Booth on my Mac. It was low-rent and I shouldn’t have done it that way. I’ve since moved on.

    So last night I had sound and we were so pathetic it defies description. But as part of the memories, I will post it when youtube finishes processing it.

    I need to go tell my dad where these are….

  • Magnolia

    So, did you *mean* to post them without sound?

    Okay – now that I’ve actually read the post word for word – you didn’t post sound. Darn. I was hoping for more southern drawl so I could get new images of you in my head.

  • Magnolia

    NO SOUND!! Is it my computer or did you screw up? I’m changing browsers to see if it’s my computer. And yes – I checked my speaker on my laptop.