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Trial Team Practice II

Alright, we have sound. But we were dead Friday night. Utterly lame, tired, pained, not in a courtroom. However, this is Conor’s cross of his actual co-counsel playing a hostile witness and she is good at what she does to both Conor and Eric. Conor says, “This is horrible.” Eric: “I feel your pain, man.” Naoshi can destroy either of them with a few sentences.

To explain just a bit – Eric and I are the Defense team for competition. Conor and Naoshi are the Plaintiff’s team. During competition, we four will not face each other, but the Defense team will serve as favorable Plaintiff’s witnesses, and the plaintiff team will serve as our favorable witnesses. The non-favorable witnesses will be played, at competition, by other teams therefore we four give each other a hard time on cross so nothing will surprise us. This leads to the most amusing moments we have, actually.

A few moments from this incredibly poor round:

(1) My response to the judge, which is really in response to Conor: 0:11-0:13. “Any objection, counsel?” “None, Your Honor.” “Except it’s a waste of time.”

(2) 2:19-ish I cannot begin my re-direct. Just blanked. I walk over to Eric and say, “Gimme a sentence.” “A sentence?” “Yes. How does this start?”

(3) 3:29 Naoshi (the witness) lists off a litany of facts favorable to my side, ending with “…scaring employees.” Eric begins clapping. It was a really brilliant moment, there, N.



  • Magnolia

    how did I miss your reply? Hmmm……must have been some sort of computer ishoo.

    Hoping things are going well for you. I’m exercising *my* brain cells with SEO blogging and Internet Marketing.

  • Shellie

    You have made me a very happy woman; I utterly thank you for that. I’ve just been buried in this stupid case which happens in 5 days – or 43,000 seconds.

    (I’m screaming on the inside – but it’s very demure, I’m sure. 🙂 )

  • Magnolia

    Shellie, Shellie, Shellie,

    this is KILLING me! I can’t reconcile your voice with the images I have built up in my mind of you via print.

    You come across as almost demure. Now, that could be soley to the fact that I’ve not envisioned you that way at all and so your suthrn drwwwl knocks me to hell and back.

    You are definately a Nancy Grace in the making. Except you do better hair and make-up. 🙂