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Once Again

Facebook explodes. No one is drinking. I don’t think anyone is g-chatting, even. Law students everywhere frantically study for finals and review their class notes (the night before their Trial Ad final) hoping to find something within that illuminates the whole semester.

The last three Trial Ad class sessions in which I took notes:
(You know, this was a demonstration class, rather than lecture and that means something for our purposes, here.)


IL Rules of Professional Conduct 2010

3.6 and 3.8

Instructions are an adversary proceeding. Look in pattern jury instruction books. IL: if there is a pattern jury instruction, judge must give that instruction. If not one, judge must be convinced instruction accurately states the law.
Beckett wrote his own jury and trial limiting instruction.

Must have an original instruction and THREE copies. You’ll waive jury error instruction on appeal if you don’t have that “preserve the record” thing at the bottom. God, I hope this is boilerplate somewhere.

Jury gets the packet without the “record” thing. The judge gets the record one.

10/23/09 Free Press stuff:

10/30/09: Tell him who your partner is for Spring, whether you want civil, crim. P/Fail not graded. Jury trial.


I hope we’ve learned our lesson, boys and girls.


  • Shellie

    Yes, well.

    So I’m being avoided and /you/ are gchatting all your fabulous friends. Are you a /law/ student? Do you have finals this week? Or a 15 page paper due all about yourself? I. didn’t. think. so. 😉

  • Magnolia

    Are you “nekkid” in your new profile pic? Holding maybe a book or two in front of your assets?

    I would never do such a thing at my age. Menopause does gawdawful things to a girl’s “girls”.

    It just ain’t fair I tell ya.

  • Shellie

    Laughing! No… not nekkid. I think my father reads this blog sometimes, so that photo is tucked securely away in a Rubbermaid tote at the bottom of my closet to be found by my children upon the event of my untimely demise which will shock them out of any lingering grief that I’m not still alive and embarrassing the hell outta them. Maybe.

    This photo was taken at my pal’s bachelorette party though. 🙂 I had to blur out the “Pin the Macho on the Man” poster over my left shoulder.

    I don’t want to hear that about menopause. I already look at this photo and think three things: (1) I shoulda worn a bra; (2) I love this dress but it’s too big and falling down, which makes me think (3) I shoulda worn a bra. I just hope I’m not.

  • Magnolia

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but menopause swoops in like a bandit and when it leaves your boobs are sagging.

    It’s horrible. At 30-something, I was one hot babe (and I wasn’t haven’t hot flashes then). Serious body going on.

    The other day I’m looking in the mirror and realized that my once perky boobs were less than 2 inches above my belly button.

    This is so not good I’m thinking. In fact, well, let’s just say I turned away – very quickly.

    It’s a love/hate relationship this menopause. All kinds of good things happen in life outlook. So many things that are just wrong happen too. Saggy boobs are the least of it, trust me.

    I’ve had too much red wine. I’ll be back later to read your latest post. I’m not lucid enough to discern your humor/sarcasm or any other such nuances you may throw out there.

  • Shellie

    OMG. This is so not good. Although you did just make me sit up straight in bed.

    I’ll meet you back here when -I- have had too much red wine.

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