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The One In Which I Show You

JNY Coat Makowsky BlockedAll right – what happened was that I decided that Out was In (order). So I got dressed today. See – everything that I was going to do was canceled due to snow, including writing my Note.

Aside: The 14-year-old ambled in around 2p. In her pajamas. “Huh. You’re home?” Yeesss. “School was canceled?” Yeesss. That makes sense. There is, like, six inches on the ground. It reminded me of the time Kate was in third grade, probably, and she was waiting on the school bus at the end of our Michigan driveway. Mooomm, I don’t think there’s school today! “What? Of course there is.” Noooo, no one is going to school today. “Well, even if no one else goes to school today, YOU are.” She comes in fifteen minutes later. Seems a lady stopped and told her school was delayed a couple of hours for fog. So hard to believe that state calls themselves Wolverines. Or worse, Spartans.

So I walk outside. Or look outside, rather, from the garage door. I cannot wear these boots. They’re cute and suede. I promptly had to make changes which, because I love (me, you) so much, I’m going to show and tell.

The Slouchy Boots became Kamiks. We all need Kamiks. Smart-looking and weather-proof. Not warm, but you’re not walking a great distance, are you? Love my Kamiks.

CC Purple Suede BagThe purse was changed after I got home. I noticed water spots on my bag while I was out. Because I adore this Brandy-brown B. Makowsky Rebel bag, this is unacceptable. The snow on my Kamiks melted, my purse touched my Kamiks, and I got to thinking, “What if the snow/melty-stuff/water had … salt in it from the salt-trucks?” I love this bag too much to risk unknown harm. So I’ve now transferred all my worldly goods to this purple suede bag which I picked up for $15.00 when I was Christmas shopping at Coldwater Creek for the older1 people in my life. Fif-teen dollars. It’s $48.99 at the Outlet right now.

There would have been something wrong with this purse with that outfit, though. It’s hard to see, but I am sporting a purple sweater dress.2 I just fill it out more than the Vera Clutch woman with beautiful long hair and fifty-nine-inch-long legs. And I don’t wear that ridiculous scarf and not just because a scarf around my hips looks ridiculous. Oh, go have a kid whydoncha. And don’t carry a purple bag with that dress. This Simply Vera Wang ruched clutch in burgundy would have been a sharp choice. Man, I love that bag too . . . .

I don’t know what is up with me today, but maybe it’s passed. I need a new WordPress post category like Something Shiny or Manic Moments.

(PS) Is my “I am supposed to be writing an opening, closing, direct, cross, cross, direct, and Note” showing?

(PPS) I solemnly swear to clean that mirror one of these days.

1 There is nothing wrong with Coldwater Creek, per se. But you have to admit that if you are not very, so very I’m unwilling to do it, picky, you will look like you are headed to the nursing home, not as a visitor. I kid, ha ha. <- that is for my dear Gina who loves Coldwater Creek and asked me “What is wrong with Coldwater Creek?” when I saw her at Christmas. Stick with their solids and they have some very, um, solid choices. But all that print old-woman stuff? My own PSA – skip it.

2 My gay friend doesn’t like this dress – he’s “not a fan” of the tunic and tights look. “Honestly? It makes your hips look bigger than they are. Andthey’renotthatbig.” Why doesn’t he just shut up and stay out of my head?


  • Magnolia

    I blog regularly about my mid-life escapades. Menopause has reset my dial and well, I’ve just gotta talk about it.

    Hope your law school-y stuff is going well. I’m dead set on launching my freelance writing career that I’ve dreamed about all these years.

    Mommy duty, divorce, graduating with a practical degree (accounting) then more wife duty and
    another round at wife duty has kept me only dreaming about it all these years.

    But… I said, that menopause man, it’s an amazing thing.

    I plan to blog about why menopausal women initiate 2/3rd’s of divorces. I get more ment than you can imagine coming to my blog begging fro help on how to understand their wives. Some have already walked out on the poor lugs. Others can’t figure out what the hell to do.

    I also ran across an interesting book on how menopause affects the female brain and why it is she usually kicks the poor old husband to the curb when for years she tolerated everything under the sun. Very intriguing stuff, I tell ya.

    Anyway…..I ramble. Time to get some more work done.

  • Shellie

    I can picture the jeans and push-on-feet scenario! My own were only so tight I had to lay down. Well, once Mother had to help zip them and she was not. happy.

    You are so right (as you know) and about to be quite in style with the Mom jeans. Jessica Alba was spotted in the now-seemingly ultra-high-waist jeans not long ago.

    I hope you blog this – it’s great and I’m all about blogging for posterity.

    (PS) Recognizing the truth from our gay friends, I finished one cross-examination before coming “online” today. “Online” is a sliding scale. My goal is to finish one more and a direct before bed. Tomorrow I’d like to start on the Other Side (Defense). Goals, said the Gay Friends, goals.

    I always avoid the gym – I was healed of that affliction in 2003. I hate the gym. Hate to exercise passionately.

  • Magnolia

    Yes. It’s showing.

    I had my own gay friend who would come to my house when I was in a mad cleaning frenzy and always ask….

    “So….what is you are avoiding?”

    I loved him and hated him all at the same time.

    I am a fashion disaster so I cannot begin to relate to all of your fashionista monologue. I’m a proud wearer of the “mom jeans” and refuse to change.

    Every ten years or so, I’m totally in fashion. I remind my 16 year old daughter that her chic Nicole Richie hippie look is nothing new or even remotely original. She looks just like *I* did in 1972.

    Except in 1972, we didn’t just “tear” our jeans. We tore them so we could put cute little patches on them….like, Elmer Fudd, Tweety Bird and Bugs Bunny. I swear.

    Plus, I wore them so tight and so low that I had to lay down on the bed with a coat hanger to zip them up. Then someone had to push my feet down so I could stand up. True story.

    I began to experience a numbness in my hip that was causing the circulation to be cut off in my right leg. My dearly, beloved and oh-so-Pentecostal Aunt was convinced that the “holy ghost” could heal me. She prayed for me.

    I was healed.

    When I got some jeans that fit.

    I’m avoiding something too. The gym.