MouthMan v. Dragon Jammin' Jaws

From the “of interest” files: Mouth Man, LLC sues American Marketing Enters., Inc. re U.S. Patent No. 8,181,274, “novelty shirt” filed in 2008 and issued in 2012. The figures alone were worth a Google Patent look-up. The MouthMan figures show a hoodie with long sleeves and an animal (or skeleton) on the front of the shirt, such as a frog or snake. While worn, the sleeves can be crossed over the front design to reveal complementary designs with upper and lower mouth portions, so that the wearer can simulate the opening of the mouth. Mouth Man alleges that defendant sells infringing clothing articles including, Dragon (Shark, Crocodile, T-Rex, and Bear) Jammin’ Jaws (seen here at Kohl’s online). No. 3:14-CV-210 (N.D.N.Y.). 

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