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Attorney at Law

I aim for the fence.

My dad is a Texarkana-softball legend who hit ’em out of the park.

He and his rock-solid work ethic are my examples and

my guiding principles.

I was a so-called “boutique” trial lawyer for the last six years — now I’m doing what I most want and love to do:

protect the rights of the accused and

safeguard the presumption of innocence.

If you want to try your case, great. I’m a trial lawyer. We’ll talk about the pros and cons, and then you’ll make your decision. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I can’t promise outcomes — no one can — but I guarantee to fight for the best possible outcome for you. We’re fighting for a:

Dismissal, Reduction, or Acquittal

I’d like the chance to meet with you about any situation you face. Please text, use the contact form, call, or email.

(469) 430-8221

Frisco / McKinney, by appointment


In thirty years of watching both students and lawyers in family court,

I have never seen a student or lawyer with a more professional and comfortable demeanor and rapport with both client and judge.

George Bell

Civil Litigation Community Clinic, Director (representative photo)

You are sharp ... you were born to do what you do ... I just read the draft and my head is spinning you were able to articulate exactly what I experienced so eloquently.

You are dynamic—I love it!
You waste no time.​

Client T

Actress, playwright, copyright owner (representative photo)

Shellie's most outstanding asset is the demeanor she has with her clients: she listens to her clients, explains things to them in terms they can understand, and keeps in good contact.

She receives only glowing reviews.

Brenda F.

Community Litigation Clinic, Former Manager (representative photo)

Practice Areas

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • All DWI/DUI Charges
  • All Assault Charges
    • Assault & Family Violence Charges
    • Assault Bodily Injury
    • Domestic Violence
    • Assault Family Violence
    • Protective Order Hearings
    • Aggravated Assault
  • Drug Charges (Misdemeanor)
    • Marijuana
    • Cocaine
    • Methamphetamines
    • Prescription Drug Charges
    • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Motions to Revoke Probation
  • Parole Violations
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Terroristic Threat
  • Failure to Identify
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Evading
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Statutory Rape

  • All DWI Charges
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), just one or more
  • Public Intoxication
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol
  • Intoxication Assault
  • Occupational Driving Licenses
  • Administrative License Revocation Hearings (ALRs)
  • Driving While License Invalid

  • All Texas tickets
  • Speeding
  • FMFR (no insurance traffic ticket)
  • Ran red light and/or stop sign 
  • Registration / Inspection
  • Failure to appear
  • Speeding in a school zone
  • License suspensions
  • Seat belt violations
  • HOV violations
  • Use of mobile device in a school zone

Typically known as "revenge porn," if your photos are being publicly displayed without your consent and you are the photographer, you own the copyright to the photos and can request a website take them down pursuant to the DMCA. 

If you would like to begin this process on your own, please save everything (photos, screenshots, URLs where photos are kept, etc.) and then visit:


If you are not the photographer, you still have options, please give me a call. I maintain special low rates for this service.

    • Small claims court representation
    • Binding non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
    • Independent contractor agreements
    • Representation at mediation
    • Living wills / advanced medical directive
    • Powers of attorney

If you want to decide now (and you should) how you want to treat the ones you love in the unhappy event of later separation, a prenuptial agreement makes sense. Your prenuptial agreement does not have to last forever. You can and should revisit it every few years. A prenuptial or ante-nuptial (after the marriage begins) can especially work to protect spouses who stay home to raise children.

I am available to review self-prepared documents and advise you for a low hourly or flat rate, depending on the documents.

You can get a great head start and document templates from, the local library (which may have Nolo books or which they will order for free for you using inter-library loan), or from the Texas State Law Library, a free resource with a lot of helpful legal information.

  • Trademark advice, registration, and protection
  • Copyright advice, registration, and protection
  • Intellectual Property enforcement

I will draft, advise on, or review your self-drafted intellectual property registration submission(s).

My Vision

To provide easy access to elite-quality legal representation, advice, and education through reasonably priced hourly and flat fee services.

My Mission

To support my community through sound and honest legal representation and education — particularly to under-represented and over-charged minorities.


I utilize free technology such as video-calls (FaceTime®, Signal, WhatsApp) so that any potential client can talk with me without hassle.


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Personality, communication, and polish matters — to you and the court. You deserve superior and well-spoken representation.
And the court demands it.

While competent representation and rigorous preparation are the bedrock for winning legal challenges, you should also choose a lawyer who is a great communicator, listener, has respect for you and an appropriate sense of urgency about your case, and has a good relationship with colleagues and the court and its personnel.

The clients that I have worked with will tell you that I earn their respect and trust. I have served as the trusted confidant of people like you and me, law partners, and corporate clients of the Fortune 100. All have trusted me to both handle their matters and serve as their representative because I can comfortably communicate and interact with diverse groups: I have and can again generate goodwill across nationalities. My global experiences and travel form the foundation for these abilities, and my outward-facing personality, appropriate sense of curiosity, and strong listening skills are the structure on which they rest.

I will earn your confidence and that of your family and team. I understand the value of an unstoppable work ethic, perfection as a goal, and consistent intellectual rigor.

I am extremely respectful, laser-focused on my clients, compassionate, and I keep my clients informed. The trust and confidence that I build with clients out-of-court assures them that I will represent them well in court.

My first jury trial resulted in a unanimous verdict for my client. I now have jury trial experience on misdemeanors and felonies and I've also represented a juvenile on "terroristic threat" felony charges. Using my technology background, I was able to advise the best course of action in this matter with electronic evidence.

My litigation experience is in both state and federal courts. I have successfully argued in Texas and nationwide federal courts on a wide variety of motions.

I am one of two original trial lawyers to successfully settle a four-year multi-million dollar case on the courthouse steps against Apple in an intellectual property dispute over Siri. Apple settled just prior to trial for $25M with our clients, the inventors and the longest-standing and distinguished technical institute in America. After going up against Apple and Sears and their Chinese manufacturer, there is no opponent that scares me.

My solo civil experience includes successfully appealing an employee-benefit adverse decision against a Fortune 10 company, successfully defending against breach of contract allegations, suing on fraud and unfair trade practices claims, and litigating anti-SLAPP, patent infringement and Lanham Act violations in Texas and California state courts, and the federal courts of United States’ Districts of Texas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York.

My teams would tell you that they value my legal research and analysis, attention to detail, and ability to organize, coordinate, and professionally present even the most voluminous data efficiently and coherently. I maintain the strictest personal standards to ensure that I develop and provide exceptional work which reinforces my reputation for consistent excellence. My former firm’s co-founding law partner stated that he has never met anyone who manages details and organizes as well as I.

I provide services to the community which include low hourly or flat fee criminal defense. I maintain low-cost services because I'm motivated by justice, not money (though this is how I keep my lights on). I offer special rates for victims of revenge porn.

In law school I worked as a licensed student lawyer in clinics where I advised and represented low-income clients and prisoners, separated families who could not afford to divorce unless it were free, and (typically young) clients in danger of losing custody of their children. These cases got my heart and soul.

I worked with abandon with the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project where I performed novel legal research and analysis, drafting a motion seeking a new trial because a wrongful conviction was made due to the use of empirically unsound canine junk DNA at trial (and the "system's" refusal to test all available DNA). My heart for justice stems from this gut-wrenching work.

Being a criminal defense attorney was my final reason and passion in law school — working for the falsely accused, those who make mistakes, have a bad run, or get over-charged. For these, I push toward justice and equality and safeguard Americans' constitutional rights. Therefore, the main focus of my practice is criminal defense.

For civil cases, I offer low-cost review of your self-drafted documents, whatever they may be. As a founder of a law practice, I admire and support the do-it-yourself community. Or I am available to draft and file your documents.

I have worked with many individual clients as well as closely-held and family-owned entrepreneurs — these are often seeking to protect their intellectual property by license or litigation. I enjoy working with these clients because they are the purest form of stakeholders and I see their satisfaction and success as my personal responsibility.

I am a tech-geek. I learn and understand science and technology quickly due to a natural skill and my six years as an intellectual property (IP) lawyer.

I enjoy using my technical abilities, extremely strong attention to detail, and organizational powers to enable the success of others and welcome the opportunity to serve as your team’s legal right hand — whether your team is your family or your start-up or well-established business with changing legal needs.

How Do I Choose a Lawyer

What price do you put on competence, respect, and liking the people you pay?


Collin County Courts Calendar
Search by: Attorney (You can search by name or Bar Number which you can find at using the feature "Find a Lawyer." The Bar Number is listed in the lawyer's full profile. My number is 24079398.

Narrow the "Date Range" to find a time they will be in court. Then GO WATCH the lawyer in court (and depending on what the event* is they may be in multiple courtrooms in one day) — how did the court receive them? Were they friendly? Were they professional? Did they seem knowledgable? Did you see them interact with their clients? *Pro-tip: "announcements" are not worth the drive. They're just talking to the D.A.s)

You can even go up to them and say, "Hi, I'm scoping out lawyers. Do you have a minute to chat?" Then go with your gut.


Jack Rimland, Attorney / Colleague

Working on a complex legal issue of first impression in Illinois, Shellie immediately understood the legal concepts involved. In a very short period of time, she furnished concise legal and factual arguments that exhibited a rather mature understanding of some very complex legal issues. (representative photo)

Larry Golden, Director, Downstate Illinois Innocence Project

Shellie is exceptionally well organized and clearly self-motivated and directed. She was able to quickly take a case of over 40,000 pages, master it, and provide critical assistance to us. It was clear by the time she had to leave our work that she was accepted as an equal by attorneys who had years of experience litigating these cases.

Client Ms. C

Thank you again for the help you provided to me. This would not be resolved without your excellent work on my behalf. I know I got the best outcome possible under the circumstances. (representative photo)

John Hanlon, Legal Director Downstate Illinois Innocence Project, DNA Testing Program

Shellie was relentless in her approach to her work. She consistently offered extremely helpful and creative suggestions, superb organizational skills, a mastery of the facts, and outstanding legal analysis of the issues.



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