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I am available by email, phone, video call, and in person for essential matters.

I aim for the fence.

My dad is a Texarkana-softball legend who hit ’em out of the park. My guiding principles are his swing-for-the-fences attitude and rock-solid work ethic.

I provide powerhouse litigation because I am passionate about people and protecting their rights.

State of the art defense.

Sophisticated experience.



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you matter

My clients tell me that they value my legal skill but, more than that, they know I value them. I genuinely like my clients and work hand-in-hand with them.

When we’re working together, you’ll find I am laser-focused and I will keep you informed. You can text me and know I’ll get back with you ASAP. The trust and confidence that I’ll build with you out of court will reassure you that I will represent you well in court.

psychology and tech matters

We’ll craft a trial strategy together using the most effective experts and we’ll throw the pitch straight across the plate using the most effective means of communicating possible.

As you know, no one is used to sitting and only listening anymore. We need information displayed.

I run an advanced tech game in the courtroom and using only the best research and data points on people and how they process information. If your case calls for it, we’ll use an explainer video. We will engage our audience.

details matter

I am never satisfied without complete preparation — no one will know your case better than I will. We will sweat every detail.

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II met Shellie Stephens by accident and it was a very fortunate meeting indeed. We worked together – at her suggestion – in a very difficult case and she was a huge help in dealing with the court, in dealing with a challenging client, and in doing the legal research that made our presentation to the court effective. She has an excellent head for the law, a good set of “people skills,” and she is an excellent lawyer. I recommend her very highly.

David Haynes / Collin County Trial Lawyer, sex crimes trial

You are sharp … you were born to do what you do … I just read the draft and my head is spinning you were able to articulate exactly what I experienced so eloquently.

You are dynamic—I love it! You waste no time.

Confidential / actress, playwright, copyright owner

Shellie was relentless in her approach to her work. She consistently offered extremely helpful and creative suggestions, superb organizational skills, a mastery of the facts, and outstanding legal analysis of the issues.

John Hanlon / Legal Director Downstate Illinois Innocence Project, DNA Testing Program

work with me

work with me