I aim for the fence.

My dad is a Texarkana-softball legend who hit ’em out of the park. My guiding principles are his swing-for-the-fences attitude and rock-solid work ethic. My focus is protecting the rights of the accused and safeguarding the presumption of innocence.

If you want to try your case — great. I’m an experienced trial lawyer. I guarantee to fight for your best possible outcome. We’re aiming for a dismissal, reduction, or acquittal. I’d love to talk with you before there is a crisis, but if a crisis hits, I can help.

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Shellie is exceptionally well organized and clearly self-motivated and directed. She was able to quickly take a case of over 40,000 pages, master it, and provide critical assistance to us. It was clear by the time she had to leave our work that she was accepted as an equal by attorneys who had years of experience litigating these cases.

Larry Golden / Director, Downstate Illinois Innocence Project

You are sharp … you were born to do what you do … I just read the draft and my head is spinning you were able to articulate exactly what I experienced so eloquently.

You are dynamic—I love it!
You waste no time.

Client T / Actress, playwright, copyright owner

In thirty years of watching both students and lawyers in family court, I have never seen a student or lawyer with a more professional and comfortable demeanor and rapport with both client and judge.

George Bell / Civil Litigation Community Clinic, Director

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