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I defend clients facing all kinds of criminal accusations, such as crimes against children, sexual misconduct, aggravated assault, assault and family violence charges, statutory rape, felonies, and misdemeanors.

Every time you encounter the police — even for a traffic ticket — you are charged with a crime against the State of Texas. The government is alleging that you have violated the Texas Penal Code.

I hope you know me before you are alleged to have broken the law, but if you don’t, please hear me: STOP. LISTEN. DON’T TALK. The only thing you want to tell a police officer is your name, give them your ID, and tell them I want a lawyer. Tell the officer at the traffic stop: “I’m not talking about my day or where I’ve been or where I’m going. I am choosing to remain silent while you perform your job.” If it goes further: do NOT consent to a search of your vehicle. Do you know if someone stashed drugs under the hood? No, you cannot know that for certain. Do not consent to a search.

You have the right to a lawyer to keep everything from being spun against you. They’re not acting as the community peacekeeper for you at this moment. They are hoping you will give them enough rope with your words so they can hang you with them later. Keep quiet and move along.

I represent Texas inmates at their TDCJ parole hearings, whether its the first or successive hearings. I prepare a persuasive package after gathering information from family and friends and then appear at the hearing to make the case for parole. I will guide the process to make the best case possible for release.

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