My Kate

Just got her acceptance letter: transferring into UIUC as a junior, fall, 2010, Psychology. No clout required. Thank Vishnu.

Last Meal and Testament

Kevin says this is the last meal we’ll have with all six of us, and only all six of us, present. Josh has moved in until he gets an apartment and Kate is moving out this summer as well. “What holiday is this?” Corinne asks. Military people and freedom. “Hm.” Gwyn: “Like Dad?” Oops, no, […]

She’s Nine. I Think.

Yesterday evening I took Gwyneth shopping for jeans for her new “school uniform.” (jeans, khakis, navy pants/skirt/skort/capris and a polo – which Gwyn pronounced “Lame-o”) and I’m in the dressing room with what appears to be a hormonal teenager. “I’m NOT a size 12. I’m a 10. A TEN. I won’t wear those. I won’t […]

Stakes Are High

“Why do you speed up so quickly?” Gwyn asks as we rip through the parking lot. I dunno. It’s a habit, I guess. “You should break it. I broke my nails. I mean, don’t bite them anymore.” That’s nice. I’m remembering the last time I had a grown-up in the car and he remarked “Probably […]