Dumpster-diving with Son

“Son, we need to box some things up around the house and get ready to show the house.” What? “BOXES. Boxes to put junk in. Of course, if we don’t need it now, why we want to box it up and take it with us is questionable.” Where do you get boxes? “Wal-mart, grocery stores, […]

My Kate

Just got her acceptance letter: transferring into UIUC as a junior, fall, 2010, Psychology. No clout required. Thank Vishnu.

The Kids

Favorite moment: Gwyn’s phone rings. She answers. We all stare. Kate hits her in the head. Gwyn storms off. Kate: Get back here. You are NOT a teenager! Gwyn returns. Me: How’s it feel to have the power to stop an entire family’s life for 7 minutes? (Caleb 16, Kate 18, Gwyneth (almost) 10, Corinne […]