(1) Head games – my last fortune cookie: You think that is a secret, but it never has been one. (2) Cori will be 14 tomorrow. We agreed to a ring, hairstyle, and summer week-long camp as gifts. I showed her a ring that I keep admiring online. She loved it; we ordered it. Tonight […]


From 06-02-2008 I just miss Gwyn. Tonight, while working on criminal law, I saw a document with her name on it. I open it. Good times with Gwyno reading to me this morning: “I had a glass of (mink, milk),” she reads. “What’s mink?” After wiki and understanding that mink fur is not like sheep, […]

She’s Eighteen

And all I can think at lunch is: That’s my sweater. Sheepish grin. We’ve been here before. “You never wear it.” It’s never in my closet! “Yes it is. That’s where I found it.” Happy Birthday, Kate – Bait. Stay out of my closet and you can have this one sweater. And the Voyager phone. […]