plano municipal court

Except for the exceptional city clerks, Plano Municipal Court is among the most unreasonable criminal court system in the metroplex. The city attorneys are often non-responsive, the court dockets are designed to make your life as hard as possible (unless you just want to pay the fine), and getting a case set at a mutually agreeable time for both court, lawyer, and client is virtually impossible. Plano wants you to just accept the charge and pay up.

The court will assign your first court date to you and your lawyer — which is expected for your first appearance on the charge — but, after that, Plano veers off the rails.

After your second appearance in court on the charge, you will leave court not knowing your next court date — you’ll get that information in the mail. This is not typical. Your lawyer, with your input, usually selects the next court date from a range of dates the court offers while you are in court. If your lawyer already has court in another county on that date, Plano will let your lawyer request one re-set to another date of their choosing (which could also be bad). After that, Plano will set arbitrary dates and expect you and your lawyer to be available whether you are or not.

This process is designed to deter trial lawyers from taking your municipal case. Plano wants you to plead guilty or no contest and pay the fine.

For these reasons, I rarely take municipal cases and when I do, I charge a premium of $2,500 to handle a matter up to setting the case for trial, with the exception of Allen Municipal Court. Depending on the facts of your case, the trial fee may be up to $2,500. You can rest assured, however, that I will provide you the premium service you deserve.

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