Where’s The Golden Calf?

(From 03-25-08)

My laundry room door is never shut. Today I saw the doorknob.

The barbie eruption was disturbing. But as a quiet perfectionist, it never, NEVER occurred to me as a child to PLAY with one-legged Kens.

I do not know from whence she came.

(Cell phone quality which is to say: not.)

Gwyn-o in my bed, this AM:

So what’s up with all the barbies in the laundry room?

“I was just playin’.”

WHO plays with a one-legged Ken?

“I do. I care about them.”

You care about them?

“Yes, also the armless, the legless, and the headless.”

The headless? You play with the headless?

“Yes. I call them The Blind.”

(The Coda: “He Sees!”)